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Color is my passion

Claudia Díaz Hernández

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New Collection


This collection includes a number of artworks that explore ideas and emotions as they relate to self-discovery and the idea that an observer can only get a partial picture of reality when they look at it from the outside.

Original Paintings, abstract art and more ...

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For a commission, get in touch with me. Original artwork made with high-quality supplies just for your requirements. 

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Claudia Diaz Hernandez watercolor portrait Rembrandt.JPG

"Through a portrait the artist paints a self portrait"

Honorable Mention at SMA 12 Edition Sociedad Mexicana de Acuarelistas (May 2019)

"Retrato de un Retrato de Rembrandt"
Watercolor 54x54 cm

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"The eyes are an open door to your soul"

Premio al Mérito IWS Premio Tláloc 2019

Watercolor 54x36 cm

Claudia Diaz Hernandez watercolor portrait Mirada premio tlaloc.JPG
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