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A Journey of Self-Discovery

"The act of self-examination or self-reflection is known as introspection. It is the examination of one's own thoughts, feelings, and sensations in order to better understand them."

The final layer of a multi-layered piece of art in this collection is opaque to us as viewers. We have no idea what lies beyond it as viewers. Forms, textures, and colors are hidden beneath layers within every layer.

The same thing happens with people; we have complex personalities that are layered with experiences, and we hide ourselves behind layers of clothes, jewelry, poses, other personalities, and attitudes, so that our true selves are hidden beneath those layers.

The observer of our lives, like the viewer of art, can only see a small portion of who we truly are.

Mirrors are part of the collection because I want people to be able to think about who they are, what they see in the mirror, and what other people see in them.

Claudia Diaz Hernandez 2022


Two mirrors are part of this collection

What you CAN see ...

We can only see what is visible through the holes in this mirror, or what the person wants to reveal to us.

What you CAN'T see ...

The space between the circles is revealed in this mirror. What we can see is what others cannot see through us. the layers of experiences that we have, that we are, that others are unaware of.

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